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FnB industry-related product demonstrations

Mittwoch, November 10, 2021

We’re excited to inform you, AMETEK Brookfield is presenting FnB industry-related product demonstrations at the Best Western Plus Welcome Hotel Frankfurt on 1. Dec. at 9:00 AM CET.

We will showcase our best-selling products and demonstrate their applications for the Food and Beverages industry.

  • DVNext Rheometer

  • CTX Texture Analyzer

  • RSO Rheometer

  • PFT Powder Flow Tester

  • VPXL Moisture Analyzer

Let’s take a stroll together around texture analysis, viscosity measurement, moisture analysis, rheology, and powder flow testing. Enjoy our product demonstrations in a relaxed atmosphere with complimentary snacks and refreshments. Register for the product demonstrations now.


For any queries or additional information, please contact:

Andreas Mueller at

Carsten Wagester at